Ann De Ron – FishGrowFeet

Ann De Ron worked for 10 years as a journalist and editor for several Belgian and international print media and websites, for instance for the newspaper De Morgen, Knack magazine, MO*Magazine and Natuur & Techniek (the Dutch NewScientist). Since 2008 she has been training researchers in science communication topics. She has worked for all Flemish universities, the summer school science communication and the Flemish PhD Cup. Ann holds a Master degree in Sciences and a Bachelor in Intercultural Management.

Dan Steer

DAN STEER is an independent trainer, speaker, coach and consultant.

Following his studies at Reading University (UK) Dan worked as a project manager in a European marketing agency delivering branding solutions for multinationals such as Vodafone, Philips, Unilever and Sony. Relocating to Belgium, he spent 6 years working as Learning and Development Manager for 2 large international service companies.

Working for himself since 2008, he has trained more than 8000 individuals in presentations and pitching, leadership, communication and commercial skills. He has been a regular speaker at international learning and development conferences, and has been published several times in “TD Magazine”.

Father of three, marathon-runner and amateur musician, DAN is currently working on his first album. He believes the world would be a better place if everyone was competently doing what makes them happy and he likes to provide the spark to help make that happen.

Jeanne Boden - ChinaConduct

Jeanne Boden is Managing Director at Cultural Quantum® and ChinaConduct®, consultant, coach, researcher, writer. A friend once called her a deer, hopping between worlds. For Jeanne all these worlds overlap. Her website gives a view on her activities and publications in many fields.

Johan De Bruycker - BCC

Johan De Bruycker has a MSc in Psychology and Education and a certification in mediation, Ghent University. Some other important qualifications are: transformational coaching, facilitation skills, personality profile (Neo-Pi-R) and OCI (Organisation Culture Inventory). In his long career as an independent consultant in HR management he has built up excellence in training, coaching and facilitation of group processes. He has worked with private companies as well as public and non-governmental organisations, both on a local and international level. Personal growth and development are his passion besides his strong preference for evidence-based models and tools.

Nele Bracke

Nele Bracke is a research policy advisor at Ghent University. She started her career in 1996 as a researcher in the history department. In 2007, Nele joined the Research Department. She co-founded the Doctoral Schools Office, worked as a policy advisor for doctoral affairs and co-ordinated the transferable skills programme for PhD researchers. Since 2018, she is one of the university’s research policy advisors. Her expertise includes Open Science, research funding and researcher development. She gives lectures and workshops on the topics of research integrity, competency management and career development. She co-created the training module ‘Fostering Responsible Conduct of Research’ for PhD students. Nele holds a PhD degree in history (2004, Ghent University) and a degree in women’s studies (1998, Antwerp University).

Stefanie Van der Burght

Stefanie Van der Burght is Research Integrity and Ethics Advisor at Ghent University and secretary of the Commission for Research Integrity since 2012. She is a criminologist by training and started her career as a researcher in social (criminological) sciences. After this she took on the position of Policy Advisor at the Research Department of Ghent University where she was able to follow closely the growth of the topic of research integrity (RI) to a fixed and extensive part of university research policy in Belgium and beyond. She is responsible for the making of and implementation of the policy plan RI@UGent, including policy development in related topics such as ethics in research, ABS regulation and the Nagoya Protocol, dual use/misuse in research, etc. She co-developed a training module ‘Fostering Responsible Conduct of Research’ for PhD students and is now co-trainer of that workshop (interactive transferable skills training as part of the Doctoral Schools program) and related ones (on demand). She takes part in several (inter)national networks (VLIR Werkgroep Ethiek en Integriteit, ERION, CAESAR, etc).

True Colours

True Colours® (www.truecolours.be) is inspired by 17 years of working together and shared drive, dream and vision concerning people, development, teamwork & change.

As a change consultancy, True Colours has built a niche within research and academic organisations on the one hand, and works for profit, non-profit, production and service companies on the other hand. True Colours coaches:

  • Individuals (coaching/training/supporting)
  • Teams (team coaching, conflict mediation, team development, teambuilding)
  • Organisations (process support, work conferences and large group interventions, setting up and guiding change programmes, strategy exercises, …)

regarding the changes that are happening to them or in which they find themselves. True Colours likes to combine insights and experiences in HR, solutions-focused work practices, organisational design and lean management, and personal and team leadership.