All these training modules are organised for small groups of max. around 12-15 participants. The language of instruction is English. Each participant is free to choose any training modules he/she would like to follow (avoiding overlap between modules). Costs are differ between 1-day and 2-days modules (see registration page). To receive a certificate of successful participation, which will refer to the modules that have been followed, active participation is evaluated by the lecturers.


Session 1
Session 2
Session 3
Thu July 11
Social/cultural activity: Visit to the Battlefields Great War sites around Ypres and the Flanders Fields Museum
Sat July 13
Social activity: Teambuilding activity
Sun July 14
Social/cultural activity: Visit to city of Bruges
Mon July 15
July 19 - 28
Social/cultural activity: Ghent Festival (see VENUE page)
1A summer school dinner will be organised on July 9 and 18.